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The first complete crypto solution in Latin America focused on trading, CBDC development, education and careers in the blockchain industry


Key milestones of our roadmap. Join our journey and become part of a global community of people who have found their way into the crypto world

  • Q4 2022

    Build Patex Network Testnet | Start redevelopment of C-Patex Exchange

  • Q1 2023

    Launch Patex Network Testnet

  • Q2 2023

    Patex Network Mainnet | Patex Token Deployment | Patex Explorer | Hackathon

  • Q3 2023

    Patex Wallet

  • Q4 2023

    Patex On Bridge | AutoKYC

  • Q1 2024

    IDO on Tier-1 Launchpads (DAO Maker, WePad) | Patex Token Launch and Listing on Tier-1 CEXs and DEXs | Staking Pool | Demo Trading | C-Patex Specializations | PIX on/off ramp

  • Q2 2024

    Patex Campus | Collaborate with G2C and engage with governments on regulation and certification

  • Q3

    Patex Digital Bank

  • Q4

    C-Patex Exchange is a top 5 exchange in Brazil

  • Q1

    International expansion to Argentina and other LATAM countries


Availability, Continuous Improvement, Knowledge and Creativity

We would like to open the doors for everyone, regardless of their experience in the blockchain industry, in this way we provide our community with up-to-date and relevant knowledge.

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